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Insurance for bad drivers

My insurance is too high!

Insurance companies use statistic data to determine insurance premiums. Insurance companies do not evaluate you as an individual, but as a statistic.

It is only fair that someone who constantly speeds and breaks the law should in fact pay higher insurance premiums because they are higher risks, correct?

For example, a mini-bus taxi driver is a clear example of what people perceive as wreckless, inconsiderate drivers.

Unfortunetly the driver is not penalised as an individual, but that entire transport industry would be penalised as a whole.

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Young driver insurance

A population group that poses particularly high risk as well as unique problems are young drivers. High crash risk for young drivers starts at the youngest age when drivers are just learning and extends into the mid twenties.

Arrive alive has the following on their website:

Why do they pose a significant risk in traffic?

  1. Young drivers are inexperienced and lack mature driving judgment.
  2. Impairment results from alcohol and drug use, fatigue and distractions.
  3. Distraction as a cause of driving error is typical for novice drivers.
  4. Alcohol influences the young driver's performance to a larger extent.
  5. Predictable characteristics associated with young driver crashes, including excessive speed, carrying passengers, and not wearing seatbelts.
  6. Illicit drug use is on the increase in this age group
  7. Members of this age group are also more often affected by loss of sleep, the task duration and the biological clock (driving during sleeping hours), with all these factors contributing to increased fatigue and increased risk.
  8. Most deaths involving unbelted vehicle occupants occur between midnight and 3 AM—also prime time for impaired driving.
  9. Teen passengers greatly increase the crash risk of teen drivers – an increase with each additional passenger
  10. Young drivers tend to have lower belt use rates.
  11. Drinking and associated problems have also trickled down to 15- to 17-year-olds. Several countries in Europe are experiencing serious problems with binge drinking among young people.

Insurance for women

Even though some men may argue about women drivers, statistically, women drivers are involved in less incidents than men.

Statistics show fewer women involved with drunken driving, reckless and negligent driving compared to men. Women claim less form the insurance companies.

So statistics favour women drivers.


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