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Gay and Lesbian insurance quotes

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GaySure Insurance quotes

GaySure was introduced to offer a cheap and affordable car, business and house insurance service to the lower risk gay and lesbian group.

More and more companies pride themselves in their products specifically designed for different customer risks and needs.

Why not a specifically designed product and tariff for the LBGT market?

We as the gay community are a much lower risk when it comes to insurance needs and thus it is long overdue for not just another company targeting the LBGT market – but a company catering specifically for our needs with a niche product.

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GAYSURE is the first and only financial product in South Africa to do just that!

We look forward to growing our current Short Term- and Commercial-insurance portfolio with additional products catering for all possible needs.

Our fully qualified personnel will give you the necessary peace of mind and is looking forward to building a long and trustworthy relationship with YOU!

For more information, contact Gaysure here.



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